“Our place is where we want to be!”

In 2023, BOURBON set up an Diversity & Inclusion Committee, dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and multiculturalism within the Group. This committee defines strategic priorities, develops action plans and supports their implementation at all levels. As part of its work, we offer you portraits of female employees, both onshore and offshore, who share their experiences as women working in a traditionally male-dominated sector... Today, Angelina Miranda, deck cadet at Sonasurf, the BOURBON affiliate in Angola.


How do you experience your career as a woman at BOURBON?

A. M.: As women, we still experience a lot of prejudice in our daily lives, and I've experienced it myself. Even when working on land, most of us have to deal with gender inequality (whether at work or at home). And, of course, women can be as successful in the maritime sector as in any other field.

What challenges do you face as a woman in carrying out your duties?

A. M.: From the stories we heard at school and in movies, the maritime sector has always been specifically for men. And today we're fighting to break down that kind of thinking. Even when we talk about women at sea, we always think of them working in the galley or tidying the cabins. Just as it was unimaginable at the time for a woman to work on board a ship, for example as a captain or a machine engineer. But today we are stronger.

And the other challenge we face is the lack of preparation to receive women on board (lack of medication for menstrual phases, insensitivity of men during this period) and, sometimes, the behavior of the men on board.

If you could change anything in your day-to-day professional life (work and working environment), what would it be?

A. M.: Firstly, I would change the working dynamics of some areas (areas where women are working). Because normally the jobs that go to them are always the basic ones and every day we have to show and prove that we are capable.

How do you perceive the position of women at BOURBON?

A. M.: I'm very happy because women are giving their best in the maritime industry. At BOURBON, as in other companies, women are now beginning to be present in most on-board functions - engineers, chief mate, Surfer pilots, AB, etc. - and it's satisfying.

Would you recommend a career in maritime industry to young women? If so, what advice would you give them?

A. M.: In particular, I would say: women, invest in your training, don't let negative comments get to you. Women can be captains, engineers, deck officers, our place is where we want to be!